Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Need Some Enticement?

I'm hanging out at my own blog today. You know...vacuuming, dusting, doing all that housekeeping stuff that piled up last week while I was off and running around the Internet. No worries though. I'll be off and running again tomorrow!

Have you all read One Night Stand yet? If you enjoyed what you read, please be sure to leave a review where you purchased! Feel free to comment here as well - and tell all your friends to go buy it! That's my shameless bid for more readers. :)

Now, if you haven't read One Night Stand yet, here is a little something to entice you. 

“I guess I better get to those dishes.” Amanda started for the kitchen. “Dinner was great, by the way.”

“Don’t. Move.” His demand froze her feet in place. He circled before crowding her back into the door. He crushed his mouth to hers in a brutal kiss. She yelped at the onslaught, but quickly got with the program. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. He devoured her, ate at her, licked at her until they were both breathless. He pulled back and narrowed his eyes on her. “Strip.”


“Now, Amanda.” His command left no room for argument. “I want you right. Fucking. Now.” 

I know, I know. I'm evil, right? 

Happy Reading,



  1. OMG....you are SOOOOOOOO evil!!!! I want more now! Ack! That was so incredibly hot. More, give me more! Whew.

    1. (Insert evil laugh here) - consider yourself enticed! :)

  2. My guess for the next line: she says "but what about the dishes?" NOT!!!

    1. Dishes? Oh crap! I forgot all about the dishes! :)