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One Hot Knight by Christy Gissendaner Blog Stop and Giveaway!

Happy Monday my little monkeys! I'm proud to showcase my friend and fellow author, Christy Gissendaner, and her new release One Hot Knight - AVAILABLE NOW!

Stupid curse! 

Yves Sucat was a Crusader trapped in a canine body…until a beautiful twenty-first century dog groomer offered the missing link to break his spell. But Regina Patterson was no fluffy-headed female who would instantly melt at Yves' silvery seduction. The more time he spent with the tender-hearted blonde, the less he was able to keep his paws—hands!—off of her.

Regina was much more comfortable with dogs than men, and the stunningly handsome – stunningly male – knight who now shared her apartment was no exception. She’d hoped to find a man as loyal as the pooches she pampered day after day, but would Yves’s broken curse end with her own broken heart?



But first, a tasty sample of One Hot Knight!


An unusual chill lifted the hairs at her nape. She looked again. There was nothing but trees around her. Birds chirping and the dog panting were the only sounds she heard. She studied the collar again.

It was much older than the dog appeared.

It could possibly belong to him since it was large enough to fit around his neck. She turned it over in her hands, but didn’t see his identification listed anywhere on it. Just a strap of leather with sparkly jewels.

The dog whined and bumped his head against her. Shaking off her concerns, she bent down beside him. He’d known where it was buried. Possession was nine-tenths of the law, after all.  

“You want it?” Regina wrapped it around his neck and over the plain one she’d bought him. The jeweled collar was beautiful and all, but at least the utilitarian one she’d put on him had her cell number listed.

When it was buckled, she stepped back to study how it looked. “It’s a bit girlish, actually. Are you sure you want to wear it?”

She moved to take it off, but the dog gave a warning growl and backed away from her. The noise lacked venom, but it was stern enough to let her know he definitely wanted to keep the collar.

“All right, I won’t take it off. But now that you got what you came for, can we go?”

One minute, she was reaching for his leash, the next she was flat on her ass, knocked aside by an unexplainable force. Dirt and leaves swirled around her, making it difficult to breathe and impossible to see.

The maelstrom stung her eyes and made her blink as she waited for it to settle. When it finally did, she got the surprise of her life.

In front of her stood a very tall, very large, very naked man with two dog collars encircling his neck.

She let out a scream, scrambling backward on her elbows. Who in the hell was this guy, and how had he just appeared before her like genie poofing out of a lamp? Had her lunch been tainted? She had to be imagining this. Were hallucinations a sign of food poisoning?

The man approached her, holding out a hand as if he wanted to help her up. Fear made her ignore the offer. Despite the fright, she studied the nude stranger before her.

Shoulder-length black hair framed a strongly chiseled face. Dark brows slashed over equally dark eyes. His nose was straight. A firm jaw line hinted at his powerful strength. His legs and arms were corded with thick muscle. A lightly furred chest appeared as if it had been carved from marble. He personified the male model of every romance cover she’d ever seen.

And dear God, she’d seen a lot of them.

Ignoring the rush of unbidden attraction, Regina focused instead on the scare she’d just received. She climbed to her knees, but the position put her eyes on the level of his crotch. Jerking her gaze away from his impressive package, she hastily got to her feet.

What the hell just happened? She threaded her fingers through her hair and struggled to get a grip. Surely her eyes were playing tricks on her. No way had she just witnessed a dog turn into a man…a very desirable man at that. Running away was her first inclination, but she refused to do that without her dog.

“Who are you?” She glanced around in confusion. “What have you done with my dog?”

Your dog?” The man’s chuckle was deep. His accent was foreign, almost guttural, but he spoke English with ease. “Forgive me, but I belong to no woman.”


About the Author:

Christy Gissendaner is a romantic comedy author and believes that laughter and love should go hand in hand.

Christy lives in Alabama with her husband and three sons. She’s always hard at work on her next novel, but in her spare time she loves blackjack, karaoke, and anything resembling a vacation! 
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