Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wet Men, Slippery Bodies, Rosanna Leo. Wait. What?

I am so excited to have my sweet friend, Rosanna Leo, back on my blog today! Her new release, The Selkie, which I am completely in love with by the way, is available NOW. (Don't tell anyone but I could stare at that cover for hours. I mean, come on! Sexy!)

Get comfortable, because Rosanna is going to tell us about her fascination for wet men. I am in complete agreement with her. Every girl should have a wet man beside her. Or behind her. Or...well, you get the idea.

Welcome Rosanna! Take it away girl!


     All right, as you can probably tell, I have a thing for wet men.  It’s true. When I watch the Olympics, I gravitate to the water sports. The sports in which men get soaked and wear tiny shorts on their hard bodies….sorry, what was I saying? Got distracted for a sec!

     Can you blame me? Don’t men like wet women too? I think we all appreciate the allure of a moist, slippery body under our hands…uh…oops. Almost lost myself there again!

     I was pretty tickled when I saw my cover for The Selkie. First of all, it was the realization of my dream, a dream of a mythological man stalking out of the waves to claim his woman. My publisher Liquid Silver Books allows a lot of author input on our covers, and the artist Amanda Kelsey did an amazing job.  I wanted to convey the mystical beaches in Scotland, places where anything could happen. To my heroine Maggie, something incredible does happen. Her Selkie man becomes flesh.

     Calan is a creature she has dreamed about and never thought to see in the flesh. I knew I had to make their first meeting electric…sexual combustion. So I set it on the beach at night, with the stars above. Maggie is disturbed by the sound of splashing water, she looks up, and this is what she sees.

     An incredible man, a man who looks better than any other, rising out of the waves. He is completely nude and unashamed to be so.  Water drips from his body as his muscled legs bring him closer to her. His long, dark hair is soaked. She watches as the drips travel over each sculpted muscle, and loses her ability to speak or reason or breathe.

     So, yeah, I guess you can say having a wet man at my disposal is a little fantasy of mine. I hope you’ll read The Selkie and indulge in it with me. :)


I'm in. Oh, I am sooooo in. Did I mention the yummy cover? Check Calan out!

This was supposed to be her year. However, after losing her job and discovering her fiancĂ© cheating, Maggie Collins has her doubts. When her grandmother dies, she hits rock bottom. Maggie travels to her grandmother’s home in Orkney, Scotland to sort through her gran’s things, only to discover the old woman has left her a seal pelt as her inheritance. She also learns that others are after the pelt.

To add to her frustration, Maggie’s dreams are filled with luscious images of a long-haired man, images that draw her to the magical beaches in Orkney. Although she’s lost her trust in men, this dream man inspires her with a lust she’s never known before.

Calan Kirk has also been dreaming. Dreaming of Maggie, the mortal woman who arouses him as no other woman ever has. Meeting her in the flesh when she arrives in Orkney is nothing short of spontaneous sexual combustion. But she is a human, and not to be trusted. He needs the seal pelt, not a red-haired temptress.

As a thief ransacks Maggie’s grandmother’s house, Maggie and Calan are thrust together. They must search for the animal skin, a mythical relic which once found, will either bring them together or rip them apart forever.


Sounds great right? It's better than that! Keep reading...


She was attempting to stand on her wobbly legs, only to fall back down on her bottom, when she heard the sound of splashing water. Thinking it was her seal, Maggie turned to look.

Her breath caught in her throat. It wasn’t the animal at all.

It was a man. He was rising out of the waves, walking toward her. She froze. He was nude, utterly nude, and was staring at her with overflowing intimacy. As if they’d had, God help her, relations.

And she realized, with sudden panic, they’d had! In her dreams. He was the seal-man from all her sex dreams.

No. Impossible.

Her first instinct was to call for help, but there was no one near. And then she realized with frightening awareness that she didn’t want any help anyway. Glued to her spot, she couldn’t help but drink him in.

He was beautiful, if unnervingly wet and naked. He had long, shiny, brown hair that hung down past his shoulders. His face could have belonged on an ad for expensive cologne, and he had a body to match. Sculpted shoulders gave way to arms corded in muscle. His defined chest was blanketed by a smattering of sparse, brown hair that led tantalizingly to his rock-hard abs.

Maggie held her breath as her gaze traveled lower on his body, taking in trim calves and thighs a quarterback would envy. And, she noted with simultaneous hunger and horror, his penis was the biggest she’d ever had the pleasure of seeing. It was thick and long and glistening with the droplets of water that yet cascaded over his body. And it seemed to be reaching for her. She gulped, and forced herself to look back up at his face.

There was a faint glow about his skin, a shimmery aura. Dismissing it as a trick of the moonlight, she shook her head.

He was almost upon her, and his full lips were taut in a teasing grin. Maybe he was a surfer who’d lost not only his board, but his shorts in the waves. She knew she should be frantic, but wasn’t. There was something in his brown eyes that was so familiar, so soothing, even as they swept over her own body with lustful appreciation.

He stopped in front of her, and stood boldly, unashamed of his glorious nakedness. She managed to spit out one hushed word. “You.”

“You,” was his equally awed reply.


Sweet mercy. I want to buy it all over again! Here are the links so you, too, can enjoy the wetness of Calan. 

Thanks for being here today, Rosanna! It's always a pleasure to have you!

Rosanna Leo writes erotic romance for Liquid Silver Books. She is the author of For the Love of a God, Up In Flames, Sweet Hell and The Selkie. Her favorite things are her family, libraries and Nutella. Cute men make her squeal and she loves turning people on with her love stories.


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