Thursday, September 13, 2012

Full Moon Bites

Good morning readers!

I'm on the home stretch of my "virtual tour." It's been a lot of fun traveling the Internet (less construction). I've met some really great people, picked up some new followers and have enjoyed every minute with you!

But don't worry. I'm not done yet. Not. Even. Close. The next few months will be filled with excitement! I've got some great authors coming to visit my blog and the Martins will be making a week-long appearance mid-October. I expect hijinks (Alec has already threatened to show up in his cowboy hat and Superman underwear). Oh! And I may, or may not, have an announcement (or two) coming before year-end as well. *evil grin*

Ok, back to business. If you want another chance to win a copy of One Night Stand, head on over to Full Moon Bites, I'll be there all day!

Until tomorrow (when I attempt to interview Joe and Amanda),

Happy Reading!


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