Friday, September 14, 2012

Joe and Amanda's First Interview

Whew - we made it to Friday! It is Friday, right. Yep. Okay, whew. 

I have a weekend filled with writing ahead so I'll get right to the point.

Joe and Amanda join me today over at Bookin' It Reviews. Talina is a fantastic host and we all thank her for having us today. She's also doing a giveaway - the last chance to win a copy of One Night Stand for a while, so be sure not to miss your chance!

I've managed to wrangle those crazy lovebirds (although they take, so they'll be hanging around answering questions today if you've got 'em. Just leave us a comment!

I wish you all a great weekend and as always...
Happy Reading,


  1. YAY! Thanks Liz! I replied to your comment over there - thanks for checking us out! :)