Friday, November 9, 2012

Men and Women of the Military Giveaway Hop!

It's the Men & Women of the Military Giveaway Hop right here on my blog! 

Before we get started, I want to say thank you to all of the men and women who serve in our military, or have served in the past. I am humbled by your sacrifices. You are appreciated! (Moment of silence).

Now, on to the business of the day - this is a blog hop, after all! Warrior ladies - I'm not leaving you out. Take a seat, grab your favorite adult beverage and relax while we ogle your male counterparts. :)  

Are you ready?

Who Needs a Hero? Or two? Or three?

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What is it about men in uniform that gets us all hot under the covers? Is it the badass-ness of those who fight to protect us, who fight for our freedoms? Is it the way they handle their, um, weapons? No, wait. It's the abs. Definitely the abs. (All of the above).

My recent top five countdown was so popular, I decided to do it again...Military Style. Only this time, I'm going to look at series instead of just one hero. Today, I need my heroes in bulk. 

So, what are my top five, melt your panties, deliciously badass, military-themed romance series?

5. The Black Cobra Quartet, by Stephanie Laurens

This series follows four "battle-hardened, sinfully wealthy, completely unstoppable" men, all officers of the Crown. *Sigh* There is just something about a man who can handle a sword that gets me every time. Bonus: Ms. Laurens has a great trailer for the series. 

4. Holding Out for a Hero series, Shelli Stevens

Any book that warns "Oral sex with a cupcake" is going to get my vote. Honestly, do I really need to say anything else about this?

3. The Nauti Boys series, by Lora Leigh

Lora Leigh will probably show up on every countdown I do. Just expect it. I haven't read her Elite Ops series, but it's on my TBR list. I assume it will be just as fabulous as my number three pick. The Nauti Boys are badass, sexually driven (uninhibited) and are hardcore protective of their women. Mmm. Where was I again? 

2. KGI series, by Maya Banks

It's hard to decide which Kelly brother I love the most. With six to choose from there's a man to suit any, um, taste. Not only that, there are other badass men who work for the Kelly's. Covert ops and extra deliciousness for the readers! Ahhh...tough, loyal, and extremely protective...anyone see the trend in my countdown?

1. The Martin Family series, by Parker Kincade

You had to see this one, uh, coming. Seriously. I love these guys. I mean, there's no oral sex with cupcakes (yet!), but there's plenty of hot men and hot sex. Two of my favorite things! If you haven't read One Night Stand, enter the giveaway and maybe you'll win a copy of your very own!

And there you have it! My official, as of this second because it will change tomorrow, top five, melt your panties, deliciously badass, military-themed romance series.

Now, my little monkeys, I showed you mine…it’s your turn to show me yours!

Let’s talk! I want to hear about your top picks for sexy military-themed romance novel or series. One lucky commenter will receive a copy of my current release, One Night Stand! Just fill out the rafflecopter and leave a comment!

There are lots of other giveaways going on, so visit the links below. Enjoy the hop and all of its sexy delights!


  1. My fave is the Martin family too! What's not to love? SEVERAL sexy men! Muscles. Alpha tendencies and excellent, humorous writing. Love ya Parker!

  2. I love military romance. Kallypso Masters Men at Arms is a great series. MacKenzie Mountain by Linda Howard great. There are just so many.

    1. Thanks for your comment Lori! I love hearing about books others like to read. It also gives me new stuff to read too! :)

  3. I honestly haven't read any military themed romance yet but I hope to change that soon.

    Rafflecopter Name: Dawna Newman

    1. You can start with One Night Stand! :) Thanks for stopping by - always good to see you here!

  4. I love the Troubleshooter series by Suzanne Brockmann, especially Out of Control -- so good!!


    1. *adding to TBR list* Thanks Eva! Thanks for commenting and good luck in all the giveaways on the hop!

  5. The Rescue Me series by Kallypso Masters is my favorite military romance series.


    1. *adding this one too* You girls are giving me some great reading material!

  6. Thank you to all the men and women who serve! Thanks for the chance to win a great read!

    1. Thank you Kaci! Good luck in the giveaway!

  7. Men of Honor & Men of Courage by Lori Foster

    That is two that is coming to my mind at the moment

    Don't think the rafter recorded my tweet correctly, so I retweeted