Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Seducing Kate, by Emilia Mancini

I'm excited to have the lovely Emilia Mancini with me today! Take it away, Em!

Thanks so much for having me, Parker! I am so excited to share my new release Seducing Kate!

This book really is a labor of love for me. My editor was a beast on this one…and in the best possible way. This is my first attempt to write a first person POV. And I chose to do it through the eyes of a twenty-two-year-old male! What was I thinking??

I’ll tell you what I was thinking. I was thinking that this book deserved a deeper look into Kyle’s motives, because quite frankly when I started this erotic novel in the third person, Kyle was coming across as a total creeper.

He’s developing his sexual appetite, and stumbles upon a chance to be a bit voyeuristic very early in the book. When I was writing this as a third person point of view, I just couldn’t seem to get deep enough into Kyle’s thought process to not make what he was doing come across as perverse.

I set the book aside for a few months, all the while having these two characters nagging at me to write their story. Finally, it struck me to tell this affair through Kyle’s eyes and suddenly the book just stared pouring out of me. It was a struggle and still a bit rough when my editor got her hands on it, but she helped me perfect his voice and I couldn’t be more pleased with how this book turned out.

Though it is through Kyle’s eyes, we see that he is not some stalker/pervert, but a guy with a healthy sexual appetite and desires to be with a woman he can’t resist. And though we never get into Kate’s head, though Kyle’s words and perception of her actions, we see her struggle with her attraction to a younger man, her final acceptance, and her guidance as they delve into sexual play that he is unfamiliar with.

I enjoyed doing this so much, I’m already considering another male first person POV erotic novel.

As part of my release celebration, I am offering you a chance to enter to win not only a copy of Seducing Kate, but also a Silk Rope Set which includes wrist and ankle binds and a satin blindfold. (You’ll want these after reading the book, I’m just helping you out.)

Comment below,  and on any of the blogs along my tour (listed on www.emiliamancini.wordpress.com)  for a chance to win. The winner will be notified February 1st.

Emilia Mancini is the naughtier side to author Marci Boudreaux. Emilia stays hidden in the shadows like a nefarious side kick, slipping out only when the stories Marci wants to share are a little too grown up to be called  sweet romance.

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It was lust at first sight for Kyle when he met his roommate Justin's mother Kate. Kyle, a college transfer, was too far from home to visit on short school breaks, so Justin took him to Minneapolis where is mother was serving up a family meal for Thanksgiving.

One look left Kyle with a healthy obsession for Kate which grew with each visit. When he landed an internship in Minneapolis, he moved in with Kate for the summer, and got in touch with his voyeuristic side. It wasn't until one late evening and a few too many glasses of wine that Kyle began to suspect his attraction wasn't one-sided.

When he dared to push the issue, he found Kate more than willing to succumb to his seduction.


I’d barely spent time with Kate, just a few minutes in the kitchen before John had come strutting in. I had sat across from her at dinner making awkward conversation while Justin and John glared at each other over the spaghetti and garlic bread. It wasn’t like she’d crawled across the floor half naked and begged me to fuck her.

What the hell was it about her? Sure she was beautiful, but I’d dated beautiful women. None of them had pushed me to the point of obsession. I wanted nothing more than to throw Kate down and fuck her until she screamed. Not cried out like she had moments ago, but screamed. And dug her nails in my back. And wrapped her legs so tight around me I couldn’t breathe. I didn’t know why. All I knew was my body was borderline insane with lust, and my dick was so hard it hurt.


I turned the cold water on and splashed my face a few times to snap out of the Kate-induced haze. When I was finally able to think about something other than having sex with her, I went back downstairs.

I tried like hell to focus on the game, but my mind kept wandering. No, it wasn’t wandering. It was reliving my trip upstairs, from the groans, to the flash of tit, to the blush on Kate’s cheeks.

I held out for another hour of video games before I couldn’t take the agony of wanting her any longer. I went up to my room and slipped between the cool sheets of the guest bed. I put a sock over my dick and got off to images of my roommate’s mother.

I pictured her pale ass sticking in the air as I gripped her hips and slid into her tight pussy. I imagined my fist tangled in her hair as she sucked my cock. I even fantasized about her standing over me in black heels and a tight business suit as she ordered me to jerk myself harder.

As I came—hard—I wondered how I was ever going to control myself around her.

* * * *