Friday, December 13, 2013

Spotlight: Monette Michaels/Rae Morgan

Happy Friday the 13th, naughty readers! I have the distinct pleasure of showcasing one of my favorite people today. Moni's Coven of the Wolf series has gotten a makeover - and take a look at these sexy new covers! What's between those covers is pretty awesome too. Be sure to get them while they are on sale for the holidays!

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Destiny's Magick, Book 1

Drake Morgan is a witch. He is also the leader of the largest and most powerful coven in the United States. As he fights enemies, both without and within, he continues his search for the one woman, his complement, who can help him protect his people from the dark machinations of a twisted follower of chaos magick. 

Since her move to Chicago to take possession of her inheritance from her grandmother, Rhea Brown has heard strange voices and experienced phenomena that can not be explained away in a rational manner. Her cynical lawyer's mind tells her she is over-stressed and imagining things. When a dark-haired lover starts visiting her in her dreams, both sleeping and waking, she learns that magick can be real.

Moon Magick, Book 2
The Summer Solstice draws near. Soon the line between dark and light, evil and good, will be at its thinnest. 

For many weeks, Coven of the Wolf witch Brenna Lindsay has sensed evil spreading its foul roots in her little Southern Indiana community. She notifies Drake Morgan, the Coven leader, and he sends Boris and Igor, the twin shape shifters to investigate. 

On the night of the Litha ritual, Brenna performs a scrying. She foresees death - - and her future mate. That same evening the first death occurs. 

Sheriff Ty Buchanan is the man in Brenna's vision. Her warrior complement. He left the big city to find a peaceful life in the country. Yet, he hasn't totally escaped his violent past. The malignancy threatening his new home is a continuation of it. And now the stakes are higher - - for the evil endangers the woman who is meant to be his.

Treading the Labyrinth, Book 3

Shape shifter Igor Petrov flees to the mountains of eastern Tennessee to lick his emotional wounds after losing the woman he cared for to another man. In the untamed wilderness, he finds more than he bargained for--he finds Selena Jones.

Selena, a talented shaman, moves to Bear Hollow, Tennessee to heal and put her life back together after a terrifying experience with a madman. She isn’t ready for an alpha-male like Igor to enter her life, but finds herself turning to him when the evil in her past strikes again.

Boris Petrov arrives in the Smokies to help his brother protect Selena and finds the woman destined to be his mate--except she wants nothing to do with him--or magick.

Two men. Two women. Fated mates. Evil, fear and confusion block the path to their futures. Will love conquer all?

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About the Author:

Rae Morgan is the pen name for a multi-published author of suspense/thrillers. She's been married to the love of her life for far longer than she cares to remember. Her home is in Central Indiana. She also writes as Monette Michaels.
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  1. Thanks for having me, Parker!

    1. Always a pleasure having you, Moni!! :-)

  2. Those covers are beautiful I've seen the first one but the others I had not seen yet what a huge difference they make. Looking forward to reading these.

    1. Gail, you mean to tell me you haven't read these books? I thought you'd read all my books. Well, let me know what you think and how they compare to me Monette Michaels' books. Hugs and Happy Reading.